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ACTION ALERT: Thorp Dog Auction Protest!



Thorp dog auction in progress -- prospective buyers check out dogs in cages in the back of the room while three labs are auctioned off. Thorp Dog Auction
Horst Stables, Thorp, WI
Protesters will meet at 9:30 at the Northside Park in Thorp.
Organized by the Clark County Humane Society
Let's prove that humane people care enough to protest
no matter what day of the week they have their auction!

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Note on Horst Stables Website for this auction: "Small breed dogs and puppies accepted, 3 years old down to 8 weeks old only!"

     We will be meeting at 9:30 at the Northside Park in Thorp. If you cannot make it to the park before the auction, please join us at the auction site. Public preview of the dogs will begin at 10:00 am, with the auction itself beginning at 12:30 pm.

     It will be a cold, damp day, so please dress appropriately. Wear your orange t-shirt over your jacket; if you don't have a orange t-shirt, or click here to order.

     Please bring a sign. If you don't have your own protest sign -- don't worry, we'll have extras! Cameras aren't allowed inside the auction buildings, but we would love to have more photos of our protest!

     We have been asked if people should "buy" or rescue" these dogs. We are asking for an all-out boycott of this event. We have studied the numbers from past auctions and believe that the dogs being offered at this auction are not mill cast-offs but were, in many cases, purposely bred to supply AUCTION BUYERS, including rescue groups.

     Buying at the auction will simply mean that it will be profitable. If it is profitable it will continue and MORE dogs will be bred for sale at future Thorp Dog Auctions. That said, we do understand compassion for the dogs being sold on March 11, 2009 and know that there will be some who will buy. We understand both sides of the situation, and hope that in the long run, not buying will produce the best outcome to end these auctions altogether. Please read: Why We No Longer Buy at Auctions, written by the director of a rescue that used to raise thousands of dollars to buy and rehab dogs from mill auctions.

     Additional information on the specifics of this event have been posted by our friends at Clark County Humane Society. Please click here for details The latest on the organization for the protest will be posted there.

     We believe that Horst Stables may deliberately be scheduling the dog auctions in the middle of the week when most of us have to work. PLEASE TRY TO BE THERE...WE need you and the DOGS REALLY need you!

 pawprint bullet point   Clark County Humane Society Dog Auction Protest Info   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   Dogs to be Auctioned on 11 March 09   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   Small Paws Rescue: Why We No Longer Buy at Auctions   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   Don't Buy the Lies: Thorp Dog Auction, 10 March 2007   pawprint bullet point

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